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[noob inside] DB analisis


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Hi all
I buy a module and the graphical interface of the mudule  doesn't allow me to do what I want,
but I suppose the module contain all nessesary functions.

The dev have no time for a custom dev, so I wish to analyse the SQL request that this module do.
I tried to activate the mysqlbinlog but the output is in binary mode, I can't read it.

 mysqlbinlog mysql-bin.000001

Do you know a method to see the SQL requests Prestashop send to MySQL ?
(debug mode, log file, whatever)

Thanks !


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You can also do that within Prestashop:

 - Edit /config/defines.inc.php

 - set _PS_DEBUG_PROFILING_ to true

When you now open a page in your front or backoffice you will find below the real page a long list of sql queries with additional information like where they are in code and how long they took.

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