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Razeni adres abecedne


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Dobry den.

Poprosil bych o pomoc s kodem na abecedni serazeni adres zakaznika dle nazvu adresy pri procesu kompletace objednavky.

Dopatral jsem se k tomuhle kodu v customer.php ale nevim jestli jsem na spravnem miste a kde pridat ORDER BY name aby to ty adresy seradilo:

    public function getAddresses($id_lang)
        $share_order = (bool)Context::getContext()->shop->getGroup()->share_order;
        $cache_id = 'Customer::getAddresses'.(int)$this->id.'-'.(int)$id_lang.'-'.$share_order;
        if (!Cache::isStored($cache_id)) {
            $sql = 'SELECT DISTINCT a.*, cl.`name` AS country, s.name AS state, s.iso_code AS state_iso
                    FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'address` a
                    LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'country` c ON (a.`id_country` = c.`id_country`)
                    LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'country_lang` cl ON (c.`id_country` = cl.`id_country`)
                    LEFT JOIN `'._DB_PREFIX_.'state` s ON (s.`id_state` = a.`id_state`)
                    '.($share_order ? '' : Shop::addSqlAssociation('country', 'c')).'
                    WHERE `id_lang` = '.(int)$id_lang.' AND `id_customer` = '.(int)$this->id.' AND a.`deleted` = 0';

            $result = Db::getInstance(_PS_USE_SQL_SLAVE_)->executeS($sql);
            Cache::store($cache_id, $result);
            return $result;
        return Cache::retrieve($cache_id);

Dekuju za pripadnou pomoc.


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