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Advice: don't get the Community developer European VAT number Module

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Hello Everybody,

I am sorry to do this, but I sadly see no other way of getting anything out of this situation.

I've gotten the module "European VAT number Module" that allows b2b sales with VAT deduction made by Community developer.

Honestly since the very begining in 2018 when I started using it, all my customers accounts with IRL Vat numbers were being refused in spite of valid EU VAT numbers.

I asked them in 2019 to help me fix this since otherwise the module seemed to work ok.

They always said, we will help you with greatest care blabla and in the end nothing moved. With work being busy and working around their problem, I reopened the ticket today because I got fed up with this BS and asked them to check again...again they say "we'll check".

All of the sudden, "oh sorry, we cannot help you, your support time has run out". And now they are getting all arrogant and not wanting to help at all, even though I am sure there is something fundamentally wrong with the module.

But noooo, they prefer to piss off customers that have spent thousands of euros on modules.

I have to get this off my chest but I do highly recommend you guys DO NOT use them, modules don't work well and support is ZERO!


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