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Weird: shopping cart empty after logout/login - but not all customers

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Hi community,

i have a weird problem with keeping products in cart after logout/login.

I started with PS updated to and finally to (PHP 7.3.26).

Since products in carts are not being kept, but only for customers which are added since PS

I have two customers that where added in and their carts persist between sessions. I looked at ps_customer table but all values of a new testcustomer and the 'working customer' are the same 🤔

In ps_cart i can see the cart with  id_customer which is the one from testcustomer. Even secure_key is the same in ps_cart and ps_customer. But why doesn´t the old cart get loaded - instead a new one is created in ps_cart.


PS: Yes 'Re-display cart' is activated / changed PHP back to 7.2 didn´t help


Any ideas someone?

thy hamsta

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Yes i resolved it.

But this depends heavily on our shop configuration: We configured as private shop so only registered customers are allowed to login and see the shop.

So we disabled some authorized modules (BO > customers > groups) for the customer groups 'visitors' and 'guests' so they can´t see header/menu/footer/search/....
And even it makes no sense to me, why i shouldn´t disable the cart module for these groups, as they don´t need it anyway - this was my error.
Seems some cookie/session/token/connetion stuff is running in background, so even if you logged back in FO, PS automatically inserted a new fresh cart in ps_cart table ignoring the one the customer had before (even though it´s still saved in ps_table).

I don´t know how your shop is configured, but if that´s not the same problem, you might search for s/th that has todo with autoincrement values of some tables.

I guess you already found this before, ´cause that´s the basic setting:


greets hamsta


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It's unbelievable. Yesterday I reinstalled the prestashop store. I installed clean from the beginning step by step (fresh database). I only transferred products and categories (No customers, no carts). After that, I made myself a test client. For this customer, saving the cart works all time (even now). The basket is restored each time. Today I am register another client and the baskets are not working again ..... : /.  There is an obvious problem. At the moment I have theme warehouse installed and about 6-7 external modules. Meybe it is related to statistic modules which i disable (not delete). I dont know.


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Yes, activate the statistic module in BO.

Turned on, the table ps_guest will be filled again (among the ps_connections) and so you will have a id_guest written to ps_cart.
As soon as you login as customer, the id_customer is set too.

Turn of all the other statistic modules that you don´t want, but keep the main data-mining satistic module (v2.1.0 right now) activated.

I don´t know your theme, but be shure, you didn´t deactivate the cart module (or cart module from your theme) in the user groups of visitors and guests in BO.




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Posted (edited)

After testing, it seems to me that this is the fault of the prestashop theme which I use. I installed a clean store with sample data from presta (on another server and domain). Until the default theme is installed, everything is fine. The tables in the database are correctly filled. A problem occurs after installing the theme. The tables in data base stop being filled - i mean ps_connection and ps_guest. In ps_cart the column id_guest fills "0". When I manualy change "0" for different value this specific cart start to be restored for client.
 I do not change anything except installing the template. Statistics modules all active as at the beginning. I checked the settings you indicated. I have an active cart module for each group (as well as other modules). I use theme which name is WAREHOUSE from themeforest site. I think something is wrong with this theme :(. 

Edited by kerami82 (see edit history)

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