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[Solved] Subdomain url module paypal


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I encoured a problem with the module ‘Paypal’. I installed my Prestashop shop into : mysite.com/shop. Everything was ok and worked.
I decided to create a subdomain and use this url : shop.mysite.com
After modifing the .htaccess for re-writing url, the website could be launch. :)

Anyway, there is still a problem. The module Paypal seems to don’t know the subdomain. During an order, when i choose the method Paypal, the url is mysite.com/modules/paypal/payment/submit.php instead of shop.mysite.com/modules/paypal/payment/submit.php

Someone know where i have to modify to make it works ?

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Resolved !

When i searched in the code, i noticed that in the module paypal, we takes the ssl url, and in my configuration i used to let 'mysite.com' url. Then, i've just remplaced 'mysite.com' to 'shop.mysite.com' in tools->SEO&URL;->SSL url


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