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Credit slip tax calculation not correct


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If customer orders few hundred items with prices of some cents then invoice is created correctly with all sums and taxes as needed. However, if you make credit slip for the same order, then tax is calculated not correctly. Seems rounding problem and seems that for credit slip there is different calculation method.

To solve this problem for partial or full credit there is needed either one of two solutions:

A: Change rounding of the calculation for avoiding this cumulative difference in value. Where this can be done? If in DB, then how to change the field property, if in configuration then were it is defined?

B: Change calculation method for taxes in credit slip. I know the files are in pdf catalogue .tpl files. Most probably needed to change is order-slip.total-tab.tpl. How to change this file to get correct credit slip?

This is serious matter, as with business customers you can not say just sorry, but I refunded correct sum. Customers have full right to expect that you provide correct documentation regarding invoices and credit slips.



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Bypassed the problem with modification to the order-slip.total-tab.tpl . This can be used in your theme pdf folder. It does not solve the problem, but for simple situations is able to create correct credit note. Calculations for VAT in the file (for VAT rate 20%). Generates summary with shipping and products tax excluded, then tax, then total tax included as in first post. For other rates you have to adjust the numbers 0.2 and 1.2 in calculations. Works for VAT orders, without VAT (EU Business customer) orders and partial refunds. Will not work when there is mixed VAT situation, different rates on products or shipping.

So, urgency is over, but problem persists. How on earth can be that not main, but essential functionality of Prestashop is not there in version (not the very first version). It should be essential that seller can create credit to the same amount as invoice without even 1c difference!


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