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1.7 Adding EAN to product list and Overriding PrestaShop/Admin/Product/CatalogPage/Lists/list.html.twig


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I have created a module and registered hook hookActionAdminProductsListingFieldsModifier, i could add the ean13 column to the list, but the filter is not working. Can anyone help me or guide me to make the filter working.

public function hookActionAdminProductsListingFieldsModifier($params)
    $params['sql_select']['ean13'] = array(
        'table' => 'p',
        'field' => 'ean13',
        'filtering' => 'LIKE \'%%%s%%\''


override the twig files and working






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I added to hookActionAdminProductsListingFieldsModifier custom fielt like @Abdulla CM. I have data on product list tabele in admin but filter input not working. If i write names and submit filter in custom column, nothing happen. Please anyone can help?

public function hookActionAdminProductsListingFieldsModifier($params) {
        if (isset($params['sql_select'])) {
            $params['sql_select']['pxl_supplier'] = array(
                "filtering"=>"LIKE '%%%s%%'"


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I found a solution - need to add a new column filter variable in the file


to 2 function: getProductCatalogEmptyFilter () and sanitizeFilterParameters ()

Now searching, paging and sorting with the new field search results works fine. Here you will find additional information with fles to download https://github.com/FuenRob/Modules-Prestashop-1.7/issues/1

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