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I am facing an issue with a module (Leo Parts Filter module), that i use on my website. 

The id_products value here is not an id for a product, i just put an other value here that i can import to this module, which is a ktype to identify car make, model, year, and engine, so i will talk about id_products (ktype) when it comes about it.

The database itself count 5 columns, id_products (ktype) which is my ktype imported, and id for each make, model, year, engine relative to this ktype.

What i want, is get this id_product (ktype) and query the feature database from my shop, to get each id_products from feature id number 212, where the feature value lang = id_product (ktype).

Then, the search script will list all products responding to this query.

$sql = 'SELECT * FROM `' . _DB_PREFIX_ . 'leopartsfilter_product`  WHERE 1=1';
        if ($id_product != null && (int) $id_product) {
            $sql  = 'AND id_product=' . (int) id_product;

/* I need to query this table to get id_product (which is a ktype stored instead) assignated to the column id_product 
Then, i need to find a matching ktype value stored in a feature value on each product */

If someone already did that and can help me, i'm not good at SQL so don't blame me please.



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at the first look - there is missing space in your query: should be

 ' AND...'

instead of

$sql = 'SELECT * FROM `' . _DB_PREFIX_ . 'leopartsfilter_product`  WHERE 1=1';
        if ($id_product != null && (int) $id_product) {
            $sql  = ' AND id_product=' . (int) id_product;


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