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Partial shipment chosen by customer when out off stock

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Hi, we let customers order products that we don't have in stock. If the customer only has products in stock in the cart, then there is no problem. The same if there are only products that are not in stock. The problem arises when the customer in the cart has a mix, a few products in stock and a few not.

I would like to give the customer the option to decide whether we should send the products that we have on stock and send the rest later or he wants to wait until we complete all of them. There is also the issue of free delivery. Suppose free shipping is $ 100 in our store. If the customer chooses the option of partial shipment, then depending on the value of the two parts, he must add the appropriate amount for the shipment.

Do you know this or a similar module?

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For   the  out  of  stock   delivery  you  can  hack  the  delivery   time  using  a  simple  notification  .

Also  you  can  let  customers  pick  the  desired  delivery  period  so  that  you  can  prepare  the  order before  that  date.

Knowing  when  they  need  the  item  will give   you  possibility  to  fullfill the  order  in  more  organized way.

Here  is  a  delivery  date  module  you  can  use  : 


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