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erro 404 - Como resolver?


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Pode ser um simples problema de cache do navegador. Tente abrir seu back office dentro da janela do Chrome Incognito.

Isso garantirá que nada seja afetado em relação aos cookies reais do navegador.

Deixe-nos saber se funcionou.




PS: Eu usei um tradutor para esta mensagem

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Strange error. Error 500 is common. But 404 is very rare.

Almost everything in the backoffice is handled through /admin/index.php. So the first thing you should do is having a look at the files in your admin directory and comparing those with a fresh Prestashop install of the same version. If you find a file missing you can add it from there.

The image you show is from the front side. Are you sure you use the right url for the admin directory? Have a look with FTP.

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