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worth buying a cache module?

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Cache modules can only serve static pages, cms/design pages safely and only then when no dynamic content present.

I've noticed on all these module cache modules 100+ versions.  

We remove all such modules from new clients which solves most of their reported issues.  

Cache modules create unpredictable results that cannot be reproduced by shop manager or their technical support.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANY CACHE MODULE OR HOSTING CACHE, years of experience on and off this board shows that weird problems are almost always a result of a cache module or hosting cache.

Cache should only be leveraged st mysql, browser and native prestashop.

We also would like to see cache modules removed from add-ons, we know the harm they do.

We cannot imagine how many shops failed, all that hard work went to waste from this and other cache modules whose idea are rooted in static page WordPress.

If you have a cache module installed run don't walk and remove from your shop.

We write performance modules but these are based on native ps features, Amp.  Your best performance is to have your myslq runtime reviewed and updated to take advantage of cache using proven technology not some voodoo page cache module.

Hosting is best bang for the buck and safest.




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