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API Invalid authentication key format


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Hi everyone. I hope you all are having a good day. At the moment I've started using the Prestashop API. I've tryed to access in the way is shown in the documentation. But a problem appears. When making any request I got a message saying (photo 1)

    "errors": [
            "code": 18,
            "message": "Invalid authentication key format"

Idk why this is happening. I'm putting correctly the data.

The API key and his authorization mode is putted exactly as shown in documentation. (photo 2)

I tryed too making request with another url structure that I find on an old prestashop forum post.

The structure of url was this    www.domainname.com/api/?ws_key=your key

This url correctly works but dont let me put another options ( like display : full ) and  more...

Does anyone knows if I'm putting fields in some wrong way or something like that?

I hope I was explicit.

Thanks for your time, I really Appreciate.




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Hi Mizar,

try disabling the debug mode as this notice is breaking the page if debug mode is enabled.

if there are still issues, check the log in /var/logs folder.

Also maybe(not sure) this one could help you https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17488656/zend-server-windows-authorization-header-is-not-passed-to-php-script/17489025#17489025

Kind regards, Leo

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You have to encode key generated in 'Advanced' > 'Api'. For example by page https://www.base64encode.org/ past there your api key and copy generated string to postment. For example:

in presta shop key : 4TQM7V66B98SBQ61B22HR2W6MKLDAYER

generated in base64.org looks like this now: NFRRTTdWNjZCOThTQlE2MUIyMkhSMlc2TUtMREFZRVI=

past it to postman Basic NFRRTTdWNjZCOThTQlE2MUIyMkhSMlc2TUtMREFZRVI=

and then send request

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I give you a solution 

Method: GET

URL: https://your_domain.com/api/



in the Authorization tab

Type: Basic Auth

Username: YOUR_API_KEY

Password : [empty]



in the Headers tab

Output-Format: JSON


Next Click SEND button 



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