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Hello Everyone!

I need to modify the back office (through a module) to allow third party employees to login to PrestaShop, but I'm trying to use the resources already provided by it (like Symfony repositories, entities and security), if possible.

The third party would be the suppliers, that need to have their own employees and profiles and be able to select a branch (multi tenant application). I was thinking of linking the employee table to a new one (many to many relationship):

supplier_employee (
  -- other fields

But then I don't know how to restrict these employees from accessing PrestaShop's back office (they'll have a different dashboard). I don't know how to modify the employee view/template to add the information I need either ­čśů.

To restrict the supplier's employees from accessing PrestaShop's back office, I was thinking on creating a new @AdminSecurity annotation, but then I would need to override a controller, right? Which one?

For the employee editor, I was going to bluntly copy/paste the entire code XD, which isn't the best solution... so, does anyone have any suggestion about this?

Thanks for reading and for any suggestions you can give :),

Regards and stay safe!

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