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After upgrade from to - color attribute on product does not work !

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The 404 error is a missing image from your Description which can't be found on the server. 

Are you using and CC or CS compress- try to deactivate those options, as you have 2 undefined errors on that page, which I presume are causing the issue. Deactivate your zoom module(in case you use one)

Don't forget to clear cache after you've done what I asked. 



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well, the image is changing, but for some reason the main image is always the cover image as I see.

You should contact the theme developer as I suppose there is the issue.

Temporarily here is a small Javascript which can set the correct image after the combination change. Add this at the end of the custom.js:

prestashop.on('updateProduct', (params) => {
    if (typeof(params) !== 'undefined') {
        $('.js-qv-product-cover').attr('src',$('#thumb_box img').data('image-large-src'));

Kind regards, Leo

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That script works - so as a temporary solution that is good - thank you! - I HAVE contact to the theme developer - but he was not shure that the problem was on his side !

I tried to change to classic theme (without your script) and there the image change works perfectly - so is that not a conclusion for a template based problem ?

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