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Where do you find modern webdesigners for Prestashop?

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Where do you find modern webdesigners for Prestashop that can make custom themes or edit existing themes? I have looked at Freelancer etc, but couldnt find any good.

Maybe I need to search in Europe?

If someone could give me a advise i would be thankful.

Thank you.
Grettings from Sweden.

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Your best bet would be to:

1) Buy a template / theme at one of the big marketplaces (Envato etc)
2) Find a prestashop coder to customize the template.

My experience with freelancer.com and the like is pretty good, as long as you know what you are looking for. Lots of people have generic coding language, not specific to a product like prestashop. I do development for small business and retail, and I outsource only parts of the work that I know can easily be done "elsewhere", rather than burning my own (expensive) hours. This makes it cheaper for the client, but it only works from a certain scale. Small 1 day jobs are not worth it, because with outsourcing comes another cost: quality assurance and project management :).

With european coders you pay a bit more, but you can have a much better discussion about the technology, about your goals and about the skills needed (this is not a fact, but my personal opinion). Most of the eastern europeans I have had the pleasure to work with usually have their own project management, so quality is easier to get by, less revisions, etc.


If you want something completely custom (and you have a budget to reflect that requirement) you would
1) Pay a designer to create you a design tailored to prestashop (figma, sketch, photoshop)
2) Pay a developer to "translate" the images to a working theme

If you have any more questions, I'll be happy to answer.

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