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Check and list sold items


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If several orders are made daily or  weekly, or monthly, I can check each of those orders in the Backoffice, who the customer is, where they are from and what they have ordered.

One by one. Order by order.

Can I see what I have sold? that is: the list of items and the total amount of sale, global or detailed, in a day, week, month ...

List of articles (quantities, combinations and sizes) form of payment and total amount.

No need clients, nor addresses.

Something basic in a POS but I am unable to find it in Prestashop. I think this is basic.

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Prestashop as a core in 1.6 and as well 1.7 has a number of Statistical Modules, which will do exactly what you're looking for. (it's free and it's there inside the system). just go to teh Module section and search for Stats. In case they're not there you'll find it in Module manager (probably they haven't been installed). 

Once you activated most of them, inside the Statistics Menu (left-hand side) you should be able to find the subpoints. There are also several modules which do exact thing in a more professional way, in case you wonder here is a link :


here is a separate querry for the bundle which I was referring to from PS (it's Free). 

https://addons.prestashop.com/en/search?search_query=statistics made by prestashop

Kind Regards, 


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Thanks for answering.

I don't want to see order details or customer details.

I want a global list:

- If customer A has ordered a jacket

- If customer B has ordered three jackets

- If customer C has ordered two jackets

I don't want to enter order by order or customer by customer to know that today I have sold 6 jackets. I also want to know what size and color and everything at a glance in one click. With margin by dates. Where is this done in Prestashop 1.7.7?

I don't understan: any old POS program for a physical store allows you to know what your sales have been for the day or between dates without having to enter ticket by ticket and with paper and pencil add up the items sold.

The object of a sales program in addition to selling is to know what you have sold. I'm very surprised to see that Prestashop doesn't have it built in.

Does a simple sales report require installing expensive modules that Prestashop does not include? Or complicated SQL queries?

At least I´m not able to find it.

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