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Is there any plugin available, for tax reasons I need to add multiple tracking numbers in orders with more than 1 item - as some items I dispatch from overseas, while the rest are local, so for tax/vat purposes I need to make sure this is recorded (I can find these by sorting the orders/products with certain tracking numbers to reconcile).



Order #150

- Item A (sent from CHINA warehouse)

- Item B (sent from UK warehouse)


Set Item A's tracking number: UKXXX555

Set Item B's tracking number: CNXXX555


If an order has multiple items but all items are stocked in UK = only need one tracking number.



Are there any modules that will help me do this? Set more than one tracking number per order (ideally set a tracking number for each item in the order??)


Please and thank you! If I can't find this I think I will have to say farewell to PrestaShop, it is vital for me to move forward without getting fined by HMRC ..

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I'm not sure why you don't use the split order function in PS. 

AS I understood correctly the issue you're facing is that having multiple Warehouses you'll need to send the items from 2 different locations. Prestashop split's orders where products are not in the same Warrehouse. 


Also, you could do the following : 


you could set different shipping options/products. The concept would rely on the same as different products/warehouse. In this case the shipping would take over the warehouse variable, and you could trespass the issue you're facing. 

I'm not sure if this helps, if not we'll search for something else ;) Quitting a system is not always the best solution, also who said that other systems will have this feature ;)

Kind Regards, 


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