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I've just installed my first Prestashop. I followed the tip and installed the demo-products. SO - as I understand it, i should have a working web-shop. BUT - I must have done somethong wrong, on not correct enough...

When I go to the admin, Control panel, my Activity over view doesn't load... Orders, REturns, cutomers.. they just keep on turning...

If I try to change the data - I get an error....


As I understood it - if I installed it with some demo-products the shop schould be up and running? It isn't. I can reach the admin page but not the shop. - "To many redirects..."


In the lower left corner I have a progress indicator. In swedish - Lansera din butik, translated:  "Launch your shop". It´s on 0%!! Can´t be right...


The installation went OK - but whats wrong now??




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That's only a module which lead's you through the presentation and usage of PS. IS the frontend working ?

Go to advance Parameters and than performance. Send us the screenshot from it. 



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Hi - and great thanks for your help!

It was SSL that was the problem. I tried upgrading PhP first - that wasn´t smart! 1.7.7 desn´t work with PhP 7.4 - I know that now!


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