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Friendly URL's on non-standard server port

Alexander Firsov

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I am running Apache 2.4 server as a separate service on Windows Server 2012R

As I have a very important website already up and running on my DOMAIN.COM (on port 80 and 443) I installed an additional Apache server listening on ports 8080 and 8081 for Prestashop on my WWW.DOMAIN.COM

Everything is working fine unless I enable Friendly URL's

Obviously the Prestashop's core webservice/dispatcher.php is confused as it assumes that Prestashop is using standart ports (80 and 443) and rewriting all friendly URL's to these ports which results in 404 errors generated by Windows IIS server.

Can this be fixed in .htaccess file or do I need to patch the PHP code in Prestashop's core webservice/dispatcher.php ?   🔧

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