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[Module] Google Shopping export (Google Merchant Center)


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Version 2.6.20 (07/15/2022)

  • Improved minimum quantity information with the addition of the [unit_pricing_base_measure] tag
  • Limitation of this information display for products with a minimum quantity of more than one unit

Version 2.6.21 (07/26/2022)

  • Added an option to customize the price of exported products if there is a minimum purchase quantity

Version 2.6.22 (08/01/2022)

  • Force the currency in the url if it is different from the default currency of the store

Version 2.6.23 (08/02/2022)

  • Removal of obsolete code
  • Use of id_reference instead of id_carrier to avoid losing the carrier configuration when it is modified
  • Added an option per country to force the use of taxes or not
  • Added an option to export, or not, the default product category [product_type].
  • Adding new countries
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Version 2.6.24 (09/22/2022)

  • Remove the requirement to define Google categories and let Google arrange the products as it sees fit.
  • Added new product identification fields for the GTIN option.
  • Added an option to customize the product id sent to Google.
  • Added an option for custom labels to insert the url without domain of your products to share them on networks like Facebook.

Version 2.6.25 (10/04/2022)

  • Security deletion of outdated files.
  • Add additional security on other files.
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