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How to change my prestashop home page

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Hello!!!  I want to create an e commerce website for my client and having heard lots of good remarks about prestashop I have decided to go for it and this is my very first time. Just before I proceed with this please I will really appreciate it if you give me a honest answer to the following questions 

1. Do I need coding knowledge to be able to create an e commerce website using prestashop? 

2. How do I change my homepage image and text ? 

In anticipation of your kind answers thanks. 

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PHP and (or at least) Smarty coding experience is highly recommended if you want to modify or built your theme from scratch. If you're a beginner and have no clue about PHP language, I'd encourage you to start learning while you're editing an standard theme, like Classic (Prestashop 1.7) Themes are based on including template files from a base. The base, usually inside the "Layout" folder are the main skeleton for the website, and files are loaded from within. Depending on the theme, you could find several layout files. Also, reading the devdocs is a must, since you'll find all the foundation needed to start theme development or modding.


Regarding your second question:

You need to be more specific... If you mean how to change the logo, you need and change it via your admin panel.  for the text, it all depends on what text are you refering to. Again, reading the use guide / documentation is advised. You can find it here: http://doc.prestashop.com/dashboard.action 

Finally, should you have any question related to an specific topic, you can ask through the forums, and somebody will gladly help.

Best regards

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Thank you so much Luis C I really do appreciate your answers to my question but actually I have very little coding knowledge I just started learning programing just a couple of weeks ago and no I don't intend creating my theme from the scratch because I can't even do it. all I want is how to change the home page default picture and replace it with with some other image & as for the writing I was refer to is the description of the website. How to put the description of my website as well as the footer write ups. 

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