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[free] virtual products combination prestashop 1.7.x

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Hi guys,

Since prestashop 1.5, virtual product combinations have been removed. Searching on the web, I have found a workaround for prestashop 1.5 and 1.6 but nothing for Prestashop 1.7.x .

So here we are to make combinations working on virtual products on Prestashop 1.7.x:

please note: paths with "adminXXXXXX" indicate your admin folder name that differs for each installation, so you will have different numbers and letters instead of X.

This is not a module, follow the installation instructions: 

in file adminXXXXXX\themes\default\js\bundle\product\form.js remove line 179:


replace line 182:

showVariationsSelector.find('input[value="0"]').attr('checked', true);



replace line 236:

if ((showVariationsSelector.find('input:checked').val() === '1' || $('#accordion_combinations tr:not(#loading-attribute)').length > 0) && (typeProduct.val() === '1' || typeProduct.val() === '2')) {


if ((showVariationsSelector.find('input:checked').val() === '1' || $('#accordion_combinations tr:not(#loading-attribute)').length > 0) && (typeProduct.val() === '1' /*|| typeProduct.val() === '2'*/)) {

2. in file adminXXXXXX\themes\default\js\bundle\product\product-combination.js remove line 94,95,96:

if (combinationsList.length > 0) {
	productTypeSelector.prop('disabled', true);

remove line 206:

productTypeSelector.prop('disabled', true);

3. create file adminXXXXXX\override\controllers\admin\AdminProductsController.php and write this into it:

class AdminProductsController extends AdminProductsControllerCore

go to controllers\admin\AdminProductsController.php and copy the whole method processAdd(in my case from line 1707 to 1793) and paste it into line 4 of the previous file, the result will be something like this:

class AdminProductsController extends AdminProductsControllerCore
    public function processAdd()

        //some more code here.....

        return $this->object;

last thing, replace this line:

if (Configuration::get('PS_FORCE_ASM_NEW_PRODUCT') && Configuration::get('PS_ADVANCED_STOCK_MANAGEMENT') && $this->object->getType() != Product::PTYPE_VIRTUAL) {


if (Configuration::get('PS_FORCE_ASM_NEW_PRODUCT') && Configuration::get('PS_ADVANCED_STOCK_MANAGEMENT') /*&& $this->object->getType() != Product::PTYPE_VIRTUAL*/) {

4. Clear the cache!


Now you have working combinations for virtual products.

If I helped you, feel free to offer me a coffe

tested with Prestashop


Edited by Demacri (see edit history)
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On 3/31/2021 at 6:57 PM, Blue42534325 said:

When I try this, I can only set one file accross the entire product.

How can you add seperate files for each combination?

I didn't need that but i need to do a custom action if an attribute was selected so i created a module with a hookActionValidateOrder.
In hookActionValidateOrder I check for custom attributes on virtual products bought and i put action that i want to do.
Something like:

public function hookActionValidateOrder($params)
    $context = Context::getContext();
    $order = $params['order'];
    $customer = $params['customer'];

    $products = $order->getProducts();
    $myCustomAttributeId = '19';
    $hasTutorial = false;
    foreach($products as $key => $product) {
        //$combinations = $product->getAttributeCombinations($product['product_attribute_id'],$id_lang);
        $sql = 'SELECT * FROM `ps_product_attribute_combination` where id_product_attribute = '.$product['product_attribute_id'].' and id_attribute = '.$myCustomAttributeId;
        $res = Db::getInstance()->executeS($sql);
        if(count($res) > 0) { //there is a product with attribute $myCustomAttributeId in order
        } else {
            //doNothing(?) or something else

not the best solution but it works great.

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