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Price wrong display on mouseover


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Hello, I have a problem.

When I do a mouseover on the products, the price is showing twice.

Example: If a product have a price of 4.5 Lei (romanian currency - RON), only on mouseover on product, the price is: 4.5 4,50  - so is displayed twice.

If i open the product, everything is fine and correctly displayed.

Can you help me? It's a setting or something else?


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The site url is: https://engravartdesign.ro/

Is new, i am working on it and I have this problem.

I use Prestashop

Last days I added some new products, and I updated the sitemap. These were all the changes.

Also I have a problem with Google Sitemap Module. If I'm trying to install it, i have an error. I tried to download and install other versions of google sitemap but nothing happened. Sorry but the error is in Romanian language. I hope you understand.

Thank you.


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I think you have modify the default theme product-list.tpl https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop-1.6/blob/master/themes/default-bootstrap/product-list.tpl. where the price print duplicate.

Secondly, Did you install the SiteMap module from any other site or backend, Is that compatible with your 1.6.x, you can enable the debug mode and check the error.


Thank you

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@ClassyDevs can you tell me where I need to change for price duplicate? I tried to modify in some lines where is about price showing, but nothing.

I'm begginer and if you can, please tell me where can i found the code for this price showing on mouseover (because this problem happen only on mouseover) - inside the product, everything is appear ok.

Thank you.

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