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UK VAT after Brexit

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Got an email this morning from the UK government that I can no longer use the VAT Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) option for UK VAT starting the first of January.

I then investigated what would be needed in order to be able to sell to UK consumers and it turns out that you have to register for UK VAT with UK HMRC.

Sorry that is going way too much of a headache, so I have figured out to simply stop selling to UK consumers (UK businesses are still welcome).

As I am already using the VatNumber module from Prestashop I figured that it could be implemented there...
So I did fork the module and added the required code for that as it was simple enough to add this.

It probably still needs an on/off toggle, but figure to share it here already as I'm unsure if I will add the toggle before January 1st.


The feature looks like this once implemented:

A few important notes:
- The country code is hardwired to 17, it might be different in your case. (Quick & dirty, needs a fix and do a database lookup on ISO code instead)
- This won't work for existing customers from the UK as they already have put in their address. This is not an issue for my shops, but I can imagine it being a problem
- There's no Off switch


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added usability notes (see edit history)
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I have the same problem.
Your solution is interesting but you haven't considered that brexit doesn't apply to Northern Ireland. therefore by doing so you lose purchases from private consumers in Northern Ireland.

what do you think about it?


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Hi Mirco,

As far as I can tell, customers from Northern Ireland still have country code "GB", not "IE" as that is a different country.

See also:

FWIW, I will probably end up using a slightly different approach and use a reseller in the UK instead, but that only means I will amend the error text to redirect my customers to the reseller.

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