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Costimer paid but his order does not show on dashboard


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I have a shopping site a few years old, works fine always. Yesterday I had a problem in my site with an order that didn't finish it's process properly, while the only change I've made in any system of the site recently was adding & connecting different Google tags.

In fact, the customer actually paid - but his order didn't go into the orders in the dashboard.

Anyone here can estimate what is that problem and if it has any connection to the added tags? Can it be something else?

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I didn't see any code errors so far. The relevant order was not found, I just sat in the cart archive that he added a product earlier and then left the cart without finishing the order process.

Did you mean: At the meantime, I added the { literal } wrap to the Google tag - and then in the next order, after the payment, it sent me to the page www.mysite.com/guest-tracking, that offers a user registration process. This site is not ment to have a user DB (even if it can have) so I want it do be disabled. I saw this OLD solution from 2014, not sure if it's good:


Should I make this change in my HTML/JS code? Is there a better solution today for that problem in version 1.6?

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