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[RESOLVED] Front office translations missing in 1.7 translator page

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I tried some google searching and found a few people with the same problems but no answer. I need to translate a few front office translations (like the tax label of the product price) but in the translator back office I can't select Front Office Translations.

Screenshot: https://ibb.co/2YsVXb9


I'm using in a Multistore environment. I tried to edit from both the store and "All stores". 

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I´m looking for the translation of 'tax-shipping-delivery-label'. 


But the only "belasting" (Dutch for tax) I can find is the one above. I searched in all available translation options. I checked the source file and it's not a hard coded text. It's in product-prices.tpl which shows:


<div class="tax-shipping-delivery-label">
      {if !$configuration.taxes_enabled}
        {l s='No tax' d='Shop.Theme.Catalog'}
      {elseif $configuration.display_taxes_label}
      {hook h='displayProductPriceBlock' product=$product type="price"}
      {hook h='displayProductPriceBlock' product=$product type="after_price"}
      {if $product.additional_delivery_times == 1}
        {if $product.delivery_information}
          <span class="delivery-information">{$product.delivery_information}</span>
      {elseif $product.additional_delivery_times == 2}
        {if $product.quantity > 0}
          <span class="delivery-information">{$product.delivery_in_stock}</span>
        {* Out of stock message should not be displayed if customer can't order the product. *}
        {elseif $product.quantity <= 0 && $product.add_to_cart_url}
          <span class="delivery-information">{$product.delivery_out_stock}</span>

 So that's the variable $product.labels.tax_long.

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13 minutes ago, JBW said:

Search for "tax included" and make sure you are editing classic theme

Well there is the answer. I was editting my own theme, not classic. So translations from the classic theme are somehow shared with the other themes? Seems like a weird construction.

Thank you for the help!

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