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GDPR Privacy missing additional consents

Enrico CDB

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Hello to all

I installed the free Prestashop module on PS 1.7 as far as privacy management is concerned and it works well but unfortunately it does not seem to me that it allows the so-called "Compliance".

the problem is that during registration the form allows you to insert a single checkbox for consent but the privacy law according to the gdpr requires that those who register must accept, in addition to the classic data processing, also the specific processing for marketing purposes and also a separate acceptance if the subscribers are profiled.

Can the module be expanded?

How did you resolve for separate consents?

Clearly, these two acceptance ticks also need to be registered in the database in order to demonstrate, during the check, that the customer has given his consent.

In my opinion, anyone who processes customer data and / or sends emails for abandoned carts etc. it should have, at least in the registration form, at least a second box for consent. And if we managed to get a third it would be perfect.

I really need the help of the forum


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