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validateOrder triggered two times from callback


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Hi Guys,

Right now we are having some issues with our Payment Provider, they have a callback to create order (from Cart -> order), but seems at some random time, those order creation (using validateOrder methods on paymentModule) created 2 times, so we have 2 orders with the same cart id and different reference number.

i put logs on the paymentModule.php and seems the order creation is at the same exact time.

do anyone experienced this issue before, and is there any workaround for this kind of issue?.

thank you guys!.

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4 minutes ago, Guest said:

I do not understand.
Do you use any module for the payment of an external payment method?

Yes we have use External Payment Method, this payment method have a validation.php file (which use validateOrder to create order from Cart) and it seems those functionality get called twice at the same time, logs of server showed only 1 called though that's why it's puzzled me

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