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Considering Prestashop, any limits in products/categories/tags etc?

Edward Johnes jr

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Hello community!
I've been working at some large e-commerce store and know there are lots of hidden traps may occur. Now it's time to establish my own ecommerce business (don't worry, it's another industry), while I'm not really a pro in a variety of e-commerce platforms.

I'm looking for the best e-commerce platform that can handle all my needs. Prestashop is one of my candidates.

1. Can I have unlimited qty of categories and products? Any limit to create for any specific period of time (e.g. per day, month)?
2. I need to add/update large volume of products regularly (stock updates a few times a day), any speed limits (not related to my hosting)?
3. I have multiple vendors for drop-shipping items, does Prestashop handles this out of the box, or with 3rd party app or plugin? Is coding required?
3.2. Can I have a reasonable shipping settings available for complicated orders from different locations?
4. Can I have the same category of products (same category ID, not a duplicated page) to be linked from different parent categories? With no need to add it via the page's code, but to link somehow directly (like Related Categories feature).

5. Is the cart customization allowed/possible? 
6. If you guys know other limits / restrictions, please let me know - like max tags amount per product, max filters visible in the category, etc.

I'm sorry for asking so many questions at a time. I've already spent a few weeks developing my store at Shopify when I came out their limit is 50k of products +1k/day or you gonna pay $2k/month for a Plus plan which is not acceptable for me.

Thanks in advance and best wishes to all, 
Edward Jones jr.

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