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How to change color of "+" Leo megamenu or expand without enter

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I warmly welcome.

1. Does anyone know how to change the color of these "+" after selecting the categories in the menu? The point is that they are not visible after expanding the menu, but only after selecting and highlighting a given category. This makes it difficult to develop subcategories in the mobile version, because the subcategory widget in the mobile version pops up when you press this "+", and you can't see them at all. I just thought if it could not be changed to e.g. black

2. Or do something in mobile version so that after clicking on the main category, for example toys, the toys do not immediately enter the toys, but the subcategories appear, because the name "Toys" is displayed there for the second time, which can be clicked. Something like disabling the link of the main categories. I think option 2 would be much better and more intuitive. My template is Leo emarket. https://chatarozrabiaka.pl

Thank you.


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