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Display product by their attributes


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Hello, I'm trying to display products in a diferent way than it is right now by overriding the Category class

Let's say I have 2 products A and B with each different color attributes. Let's say :

product A exists in red and blue
product B in blue and yellow
I want to modify the Product class to list products by attributes. By default, prestashop displays products like this in the catalog :

[Product A] [Product B] and so on...

But what I want is :

[Product A - red] [Product A - blue] [Product B - blue] [Product B - yellow] ...

and that when I click on a product thumbnail, it goes to the Product page with the specific attribute already selected.

And, I need it to be working on any pages of the site.

Any idea ?



NB : The addon ( https://addons.prestashop.com/en/combinaisons-customization/31071-show-combinations-or-product-attributes-in-product-list.html ) can't work on CMS pages and I need it to work on CMS pages. We've checked with the developer but it can't do what I want.


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