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When you go to www.am-studios.be and click on home you see List of pages in Home:

I would deleting that part and want a text and pictures inside .

Can i do this with this module? It's not a free module, so I can't test it.

Custom Block Homepage Module

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Oh, so this is a CMS page.
You can create your own TPL file eg my-home.tpl (it is actually an HTM file) and save it in ./themes/your-theme/templates/cms/my-home.tpl

Then open the ./themes/classic/templates/cms/page.tpl file and insert the condition for loading content from my-home.tpl

for example, to insert a link to your tpl file into the cms.tpl file, do the following:

{extends file='page.tpl'}

{block name='page_title'}

{block name='page_content_container'}
  <section id="content" class="page-content page-cms page-cms-{$cms.id}">

    {block name='cms_content'}
      {$cms.content nofilter}

    {block name='hook_cms_dispute_information'}
      {hook h='displayCMSDisputeInformation'}

    {block name='hook_cms_print_button'}
      {hook h='displayCMSPrintButton'}

  <!-- my-home.tpl -->
  {if $cms.id == '1'}
    {include file='{$tpl_dir}/templates/cms/my-home.tpl'}  
  <!-- end modify -->


sample my-home.tpl:

{block name='my_home_custom_content'}
  <section id="my-custom-content" class="page-content page-cms">
    <p>{l s='hey, here my custom cms page block' d='Shop.Theme.Global'}</p>
    <div>here my content</div>


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ok, but this is not what I mean,

when you open the site www.am-studios.be, then you see the SHOP items and this text

Welkom bij A&M Studio’s etc....

But I want this text when you click on HOME (not the links in submenu) and I want THIS text as HOMEPAGE when you go to the site

Now you see under home ths (see picture)

I also want the LINKS under HOME away


2020-11-15 (2).png

2020-11-15 (3).png

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And have you found the menu module yet?
In the menu module you set what you need.
Now you have a home link to the cms page.
In the menu settings you have the option to create a new link at the very bottom.
You write Home there and fill in the URL address of your eshop.
After saving, you will see your new Home link in the right column.
You will double-click on this new link and it will appear in the left column. Then you just move it up.
You save and you're done.

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it may be a cache problem, I cleared the cache and if you now click on the logo you will indeed get to the homepage. So that already works.

In cpanel of my hosting I made a redirect for my domain name and that worked

problem solved

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We have a paid module crazy elements, using that you can build your page nicely and then you can unhook your home page modules and then it helps you to create a nice home page. Redirected to the content cms page is not good. When you want to set other page as home page that time you need to again change in htaccess or other page.


Thank you


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