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[PS 1.7] override Category.php


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I created an override Category.php and modified sql in the getProducts function.
I added the condition 'AND p.id_product > 2'

Works only on homepage, does not display products with lower id than 2.

When I open a category page that contains products with an id less than 2 and it appears, it simply ignores the condition in sql.

Why is this happening?

Thank you


Page Home:






Category page:





I've already found a problem.
The problem is caused by the ps_facetedsearch module, which creates custom SQL categories for categories in ./modules/ps_facetedsearch/src/Adapter/MySQL.php
It will probably be a good solution to create an override for MySQL.php
How to create override of ps_facetedsearch and add custom where condition?

 Or use in a module actionProductListOverride and somehow use where?

Thank you


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