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Show product combination location in frontoffice


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Hi ! I'm trying to use the location field in template, to enter some information at the combination level to show to customers (when they select a certain combination). The data is correctly inserted into the 'ps_product_attribute' table as seen in the screenshot attached.

Is it possible to get the data out from the "location" field to show it in product_variants.tpl template ?



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You should modify /controllers/front/ProductController.php and in line ~1073 (method getTemplateVarProduct()) add:

$query = 'SELECT pa.`location`
	FROM `' . _DB_PREFIX_ . 'product_attribute` pa
	WHERE id_product_attribute = ' . $this->getIdProductAttributeByGroupOrRequestOrDefault();
$product['product_attribute_location'] = '';
if ($results = Db::getInstance()->executeS($query)) {
	foreach ($results as $row) {
		$product['product_attribute_location'] = $row['location'];

Then use  {$product['product_attribute_location']} variable on template you want. For example /themes/your_theme/templates/catalog/_partials/product_details.tpl


If it works, then I would move those changes to override folder to prevent from being lost after prestashop core upgrade.

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