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Divide category product list in tabs/boxes


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Hi all, 

Thanks for the community to help us improve and manage our stores.

I would like to have an advice on a feature i would like to add to my store, let me explain this :

We have a car parts store with lot of products and categories (each car model = 1 category), that was the simple way for us to manage products.

But, we need an additionnal feature and we can't find any module achieving what we want : 


Let's take a category example : Home>Cars>Nissan>GTR R34

Let's add 3 different products : Brake pads, Brake discs, Air Filter

For each product, we add a feature named "Product Type" : Brake Pads = "Type : Brake Pads", Brake discs = "Type : Brake Discs", Air Filter = "Type : Air Filter"

For our category listing, we would like to have something like this

If the feature = something, list products like this : 

"Feature "Product Type""

(hr) horizontal bar

Products with the matching feature "Product Type" name

For example with Brake pads, which have the feature added "Product type : Brake Pads"

"Brake Pads"

1 product

Product with feature = Brake Pads

and then ...

Can you tell me if it need a specific developement ? Or maybe using product variables to call before listing ?

Thanks for your help

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