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Error 500 & 504 - how to deep dive ? - RAM DB Exceeded


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I have a store on OVH Perf1. My store is still in development and I have no client at all. Around 11 000 products.

I don't know why I always have a 500 error or a 504. Even if I activate the debug mode, I don’t have more information on the reason why it is stuck.

Error 500 : Server connection not responding
Error 504: Backend unavailable

On my OVH data base I see that the RAM 512 is exceeded. In the log :

07/11/2020 10:51 stderr 2020-11-07T09:51:26.585667Z 7355 [Note] Aborted connection 7355 to db: xxx user: xxx host: '' (Got an error reading communication packets)

07/11/2020 11:16 stderr 2020-11-07T10:16:17.110648Z 7525 [Note] Got an error reading communication packets

Config on OVH :

-        PHP 7.2

-        CPU : 1x vCore

-        RAM : 2 Go

-        CND – Activated

-        Drive – 500 go

-        Private MySQL Database :

o   RAM 512 –EXCEEDED 5 time last 3 days.

o   Max_allowad_paket : 16M

o   Wait_timeout : 600

o   Innobd_buffer_pool_sie : 2048 M

o   Max_user_connections : 150

o   Mac_connections : 300

o   Interactive_timeout : 600

o   Tmpdir : /dev/shm

o   Autocommit : On

o   Envent_scheduler : Off

PS Config :

-        1.7.6.


Generally, it is blocked for a few times and then if works again for a while. Then I have an issue and it take 10 minutes to log in the backend of open the front end and generally it ends up with the error 500.


Do you have any idea how I can debug this and understand deeper what is the issue ?

EDIT : attachemnt logs.docx



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