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Create a simple form in a front office page

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Hi there,

I would like to create a simple form on a front office page. I started to create a module, I called it cg_cartegrise. In that module I manage to display text content in backoffice. I then create two pages on front office: formulaire and resultat. this by creating 'controller/front/formulaire.php and resultat.php. these controllers redirect to views/templates/front/formulaire.tpl and resultat.tpl.

So I can see my pages formulaire ans resultat displayed in path : http://localhost/prestashop/module/cg_mymodule/formulaire and ./resultat

Ok. Now, how can I use class HelperForm() in front controllercg_cartegrise.zip to get my form displayed on page formulaire.

Is it also possible to have a dedicated controller to execute or process this form, and then display the results in page resultat.

Thank's per advance.


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update and precise my request (see edit history)
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