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All sice variants selected in Product-URL


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Hey guys!

I just got an problem with the Variants i Imported:
When i go to an product with variants from another page (for example a category page) the url misses the information about the standard-variant selected.

The URL looks like this: https://web2.onlineshop-oetscher.com/de/t-shirts-polos/154-3732-top-polo.html

But it should look like this: https://web2.onlineshop-oetscher.com/de/t-shirts-polos/154-3732-top-polo.html#/3-grosse-m/556-farbecorporate_casual-weiss_po33_95713

When i then switch the variant (either color or size of the Clothes) the link becomes this abomination:


Has anyone ever had a similar problem?

How did you fix it?

Best regards!!

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