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Zip code causing 500 internal error


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I am having the weirdest issue - we have the following Prestashop setup v1.6.1.24.   


We had a customer try to create and account.  Each time they did, the page would freeze, and eventually give a 500 internal server error.  After a lot of testing I traced it to the zip code field.  If we enter the following zip code: 10065, it causes the issue.  I even tested similar zip codes.  Something like 10060 would work, but 10061-10068 would cause the freezing where pages won't load.


I can via the admin, change the zip code to 10065, but then when the user logs in and tries to add a product to their cart, the screen just sits there and eventually we get the error:


Impossible to add the product to the cart.
textStatus: 'error'
errorThrown: 'Internal Server Error'


I can't find any info in any server logs.  Switching to debug mode isn't helpful since the pages never really load - if anything you just end up on the generic 500 server error page.


Any ideas?!?  I have never seen anything like this.  


Also, why would this cause an error when clicking add to cart?  Does Prestashop do some kind of account zip checking when adding to cart?

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