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Stock management for combination


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I have a big problem with stock management and combinationS.

I have an article with 3 combinations (by example "small", "medium", "large"...). In Prestashop, with stock management activated, when somebody buy an article  with the "medium" combination , the stock decrease only for this combination. But I want that the stock decrease for all the combinations.

Example (initial stock) :

"small" > stock 98
"medium" > stock 98
"large" > stock 98

A person buys the item with the "medium" combination.

Example (after stock with Prestahop) :

"small" > stock 98
"medium" > stock 97
"large" > stock 98

Example (after like I want : If somebody buy 1 article with combination "medium" all the stock decrease by 1 on all combination) :

"small" > stock 97
"medium" > stock 97
"large" > stock 97

If anyone knows how to do that he'll be my savior ;)

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