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Order calculation with discount coupon, strange display method


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Hi, I have this problem.
The ecommerce is set up with free shipping costs over 69 euros

I have created a discount voucher (XYZ) of 5 euros with an amount over 39 euros

Using the example below I would like to show the 5 euro in the Discount line and the word Free in that Shipping.
The following result is correct, only that it first adds (Discount item 5 + 6.9 = 11.90) and then removes the shipping costs (6.9). Visually it's not very clear.
Is it possible to manage the display differently, perhaps even with a module that simplifies the calculation?

6 items € 44.94
Discount 11,90 €
Shipping 6,90 €

Discount coupon XYZ - € 5.00

Total € 39.94


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