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Difference between product_price and unit_price_tax_incl in orders

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we're maintaing a gateway to allow who uses Prestashop ecommerce to import orders in our inventory software Ready Pro.
I have a question about product price, since when importing order details we sometimes find that the correct price is in different fields.

At the moment we import order details from the order_detail table, and working with many customers we sometimes find that the correct product prices aren't always in the same fields. 

We find 2 cases:

CASE A)  correct prices are in fields  "product_price" - "reduction_amount"  ( in this cases prices as without taxes)


CASE B ) correct prices are in fields   "unit_price_tax_incl" - "reduction_amount_tax_incl"  ( in this cases prices are taxes included)


The questions are:
- Are there any fields that always contain the correct prices, regardless of the site configuration, so as not to have to manage 2 different import modes?

- Alternatively, this difference in behavior on which configuration parameter does it depend? That is, is there a setting in the configuration table that we can check to make sure that we automatically understand for each new site that we have to manage if mode A or B is to be used?







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