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Prestashop API REST


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Hi fellas,

I am developing a mobile app in flutter which makes request to Prestashop API.

I noticed I can't make JSON POST requests (or I couldn't find it).

Should I build a custom API in Prestashop to do this kind of request ("Create order", "Create cart", etc...)?



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Could you please provide more details:

- What is you stack for prestashop (web server, php?)

- how do you make POST requests? (in postman or in flutter directly)

- what do you get in response? (header and content)

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Hi rrataj,

I am using a simple Prestashop store with Webservices enabled, so I can make GET request and all works fine.

First of all I am using Postman to do this request, but finally I would like to integrate it on flutter.

I would like to do requests as "Create order, Create cart, Create user" and other POST request via JSON (if it's possible, XML if not). I haven't done POST request before because I don't know which parameters should I include, format, etc...

I would appreciate your help if you have experience with this API.


Thanks a lot

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Hi all,

My fullfilment partner is using the WS API to retrieve the orders, updte stock and change order status.

They are also pushing the tracking code to my shop. However, the tracking has now started appearing with a strange suffix.
The fulfilment partner now claims Presta instance (gopure.shop) is adding this suffix and I'm sure this is coming from their end.

My question:

Is there a way/log to see the content of the WS requests they are sending.

I checked the logs presta saves to DB and nothing there.
Also found the server logs where I can find for example GET/PUT requests originating from their server like these:
xx.xx.xx.xx - - [06/Oct/2020:06:00:45 +0200] "PUT /api/stock_availables/242 HTTP/1.1" 200 660 "-" "-"
xx.xx.xx.xx - - [06/Oct/2020:06:00:46 +0200] "GET /api/stock_availables?filter%5Bid_product%5D=xx&filter%5Bid_product_attribute%5D=xxx&display=full HTTP/1.1" 200 699 "-" "-"

Is there a log or way to see what data their requests contain? Or do I need to use some kind of net traffic sniffer?

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I would try to override "classes/webservice/WebserviceRequest.php" Class and "fetch()" method and do something like:

public function fetch($key, $method, $url, $params, $bad_class_name, $inputXml = null)
		// save to logs
		if( !empty( inputXml ) ) {
			PrestaShopLogger::addLog('Webservice input:' . $inputXml);
		// call parent controller
		return parent::fetch($key, $method, $url, $params, $bad_class_name, $inputXml)

But haven't tested it.

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