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image size and quality: optimize existing images and stop compressing new ones


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Up to now, I have always prepared my product jpeg images, before uploading them to prestashop. I have been resizing all of them to standard dimensions and compressed them with tinypng. That is why I was keeping the setting "jpeg compression" to 100%, because I wanted to keep the same dimension, file size and quality. Practically, I did not want any transformation/compression at all to the original image.

After 2 years I have today realized, that 'original'  800x800 images, that are stored on prestashop and are the basis for the generated thumbnails, are 2-3 times larger than the local images I upload. Despite the fact that both are 800x800!

So I am facing two challenges:

1) I want that the 'original' image files, stored in prestashop after the upload, to be identical to my local image files. The already have the same dimension, I want to prevent any transformation to happen, which increases the file size.

2) I want to bulk compress my existing images, without re-upload them. There are plenty of addons in the marketplace, but I am not sure which one will do the job.

Could you help out? Thanks in advance, Nikos.

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