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Why is taxation so difficult.


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Ok. I'm in the United States. In Texas to be precise. I want to charge 8.25% on all items sold. (Pic included to hopefully better explain).  On the product page, I want nothing mentioned of taxes. I just want the unit price listed. When you go to check out I want the unit price, again, to be listed with out taxes. In the item total (if you purchase more than one), I want it to be quantity X unit price. This is displaying correctly. Where it says "Total products (tax excl.)" I want it to JUST say "Subtotal". This should add the total amount in the cart again without any taxes added to it. The line that says "Total (tax excl.)" I want to completely disappear from this page. Next is the "Tax" line. This DOES display the correct tax amount that I need to collect for the state. The problem is in the next line. The line listed as TOTAL is where I want to display the total amount of all things in the cart PLUS the tax amount. I've tried all configs settings I find online. All either add the tax in the areas I don't want the tax or assumes that I included the tax in the pricing of the item. Neither of which is true. I've been at this for way to long. If I have to put in code, PLEASE tell me where and show me a reference that I can cut and paste. (I've done HTML and css, but never php.). I see a lot of folks have this issue, but the resolves still don't display how I'm wanting.




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4 hours ago, TheForager said:

Seasons greetings HTown_Loki !

I see that no one has stepped up to help you. I have the same issue. I plan to keep working on a solution. I will share if I figure it out. Please do the same if you find out.

I got tired of the database crashing, that it took so long to approve my comment, and that after hours of searching. I deleted it and stayed from scratch with another platform.

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Dear all,

did you have a solution for that?

I have something similar, in effect the opposite of you.

I'm selling from Italy and here the Price are always shown with taxes, and only in in the check out or even only on the invoice the amount of taxes.

In prestashop instead I can see the product is always shown without taxes.

If I set the site to don't use taxes then I don't have it on totall at checkout or on the invoice

thanks if you have any solution

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