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Hover Problem


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1 minute ago, musicmaster said:

Please, be more informative. You don't even mention your Prestashop version. And as far as I know hover is not a default part of Prestashop. So "I think is default-bootstrap" is not good enough. Do your homework and have a look in the backoffice.

the PrestaShop version is and we use a modified theme of "default-bootstrap". And when I inspected the elements of my page I remark my product have lost the attribute "data-rollover". In the test site the hover work and the products have the "data-rollover" but I don't know what have deleted this attribute

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16 minutes ago, musicmaster said:

My guess would be that the hover is either a module or the modification. And that you somehow have de-activated it. But only you know when the change happened and what changes you made at that time.

An alternative is a javascript error. Did you check for that?

Oh ok i see, I have searched  on the log file but nothing about the hover and we don't have a module who is dedicated to the hover so I continue to search

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