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Loading Issue on Home Page Only


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Hello ,


I just created a prestashop 1.7 site around 4 to 5 month ago, I feel very great using this. Very easy to use and manage.

But after time I feel like my home page creating Some Issues, My Home Page is loading very slow, but rest of the pages are working fine.


Home Page:- https://themegamart.in/

Category Page:- https://themegamart.in/10-womens-kurti


and sometimes other pages are getting slow. 


Can anyone please help me about this issue. and i also wanted to remove pre-loader from my home page.


Looking forward for your Help,


Thanks in advanced

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1) remove the loading icon, that is bad practice, let the page render in real-time

2) index has different .css cache file name, same on product and category....your theme or a module has broken the native capablity to have only one .css CCC'ed file for all pages, this modules fixes that https://addons.prestashop.com/en/website-performance/50624-front-end-css-performance-one-css-ccc-all-shop-pages.html  if you do not buy the module then disable CCC of .css....as now your shop is redownloading the same .css for each different page type, i.e. index/category/product/checkout

3) 2) above is true for your CCC'ed .js, we cannot fix that with module, though we tried.  I recommend then disabling CCC for .js as again each different page is downloading pretty much the same .js for each page type.

happy selling

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Hi @Pex

The index is big because you sue really big images. The entire Index page loads over 16.5 MB ;) This should be below 1.5 MB . 

to give you an example : e3d920f33c032142ad0b9fa502e33afb851e49e9

The above image has 1.9MB

In case you would optimize it, and instead of using a PNG, you would a jpg version (the images doesn't need to be transparent) + you would optimize the JPG image version you can easily end up with an image which would be a fraction of it, like 250-400KB. 

Once you solved all your issues with the images the site will load way faster. Lazy loading is an option, but I wonder if somebody would build that in into your slider module ;)


The above is a Google Quality score!

Start optimizing your store, a s soon as you can;)


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