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PayPal Check Out button problem


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Presta, PayPal Official Module v3.15.0

When i select "Yes" for "Use PayPal In Context Checkout" in the addon options and  i use "PayPal Check Out" button i receive loading screen and Error in ajax postInternal Server Error:



In debug mode i receive this:
Something is wrong
Try again:



When i activated console mode i receive this:



any soulution?

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5 hours ago, 202ecommerce said:


I invite you to report the problem to the PayPal module support service through this link: https://addons.prestashop.com/it/contact-us?id_product=1748

Team 202-ecommerce

Done. Here's the original message:

"Thanks you for contact us, this problem is know, The problem is linked with incompatibilitiés with another modules (recaptcha, or other methods of payments. Thoses modules causes JS errors. The solution is talk with your private developer to desactive them. The problem will disappeared. Our free support cannot do it."

I turned off all unofficial modules but i still have the problem. Can anyone help me? 

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On 10/26/2020 at 11:42 AM, 202ecommerce said:

we have not received any messages from you to the support service. If I'm wrong, can you specify the ticket number created?



Wątek #848356 - PayPal Check Out button problem

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45 minutes ago, 202ecommerce said:


if the problem is not solved, I invite you to continue using the open ticket to send new information



Problem is still not solved. What information should i send? The support asnwered: "(..)Our free support cannot do it"

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Unfortunately  the support can't help me. Here's the message from them:



I'm sorry but we saw that there is JS errors, we cannot tell exactly from which module comes from if it doesn't comes from this module that we said you. The fact, is that there is another module that put problems in our module. To resolved, i advice ask you private developer to find the module in question. Or try with the module Prestashop Checkout by Prestashop i don't know if is available for Prestashop 1.6. It contiens aswell PayPal.

Have a nice weekend,"


I disabled ALL unofficial modules. I have only official Prestashop modules now but i still have the problem...

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