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PayPal & Combination Reference


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Please help. I've been searching for days for a solution with no success.

I need the product combination reference to be sent to PayPal instead of or as well as the presta auto increment product ID. An example might explain it clearer.

This is the PayPal payment page for an order:



This 764 number is auto generated by PrestaShop when I created the product for combinations. There is no mention on this page of the combination reference, only the color Blue.

This is the invoice generated by Prestashop and includes the reference. It's the same invoice as the above but you will see different numbers.



I want this 435 number to be on the PayPal page too even if its only next to the LED Color: Blue. It could be "Blue. Ref:435" instead of just "Blue".

I hope somebody can help because I use an external invoice system and I copy paste the PayPal order details into my software to generate invoices and picking/packing sheets.

Many thanks

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Thanks. I have done that and linked here so they can see the images. It must be easy to tell me how to add the combination reference to the combination title passed to PayPal.

The item number passed to PayPal with a combination is completely irrevilant to me. The Combination reference is crucial.


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This feature has beed discussed withe the PayPal team and we have done the development.


Starting from v5.3.0 the product combination reference (or simple product refecrence") will be shown in the transaction details on PayPal.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Do not hesitate to contact our support team in order to receive the beta-version of v5.3.0.


Best regards,


202 ecommerce

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