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Develop prestashop as a team


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we are a small team of developers, we choose to work on PS,
we use git, but we discover that we can't work on installed version
as the installation process generates a lot of files and use the current URL in DB. htaccess and some view files,

I read here https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/824932-how-do-you-develop-a-prestashop-e-commerce-website-with-a-team-how-do-you-set-your-workflow/


3 Create git version of your theme and each module you develop very important try to don't override anything from the core is easy update prestashop version if you dont mess with the core if you need it need fix 1. Work always with a develop branch to keep the master on the production server.

but it very difficult for any minor edit I develop a new module,

is there a way to work on installed version? so anyone can checkout the last changes from git and run the app.

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We personally use one repository for all prestashop files, including themes and we keep modules, configuration files, cache and images out of repository. This is the fastest and most convenient way to go for us. We also tried to use composer to manage/install modules, but this had too much overhead in daily work. 

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